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Privacy Policy & Data Protection


Overview: Key Information at a Glance is the official website of Dignity4Girls, with Dignity4Girls serving as the "Data Controllers." This privacy notice outlines our approach to handling personal data, emphasizing our commitment to data security, responsible use, and respect for privacy.

Preserving your privacy is our top priority at Dignity4Girls. We encourage you to thoroughly read this Privacy Notice and Cookie Notice before engaging with our website. For any inquiries or concerns, please reach out to us at

Note: This notice may be periodically updated. Last updated [insert date].

Full Notice

1. Who we are is the official website of Dignity4Girls. Dignity4Girls, as the "Data Controllers," is responsible for managing this website and the associated data. Any references to "we," "us," "you," or "our" in this privacy statement pertain to Dignity4Girls.

2. Why we have a website

Our website serves the crucial purposes of communication and awareness raising.

Communication: The platform is utilized to share information about our organization, services, events, and relevant topics with our audience. It also facilitates communication with our users.

Awareness Raising: The website is instrumental in advancing our mission to provide dignity and support for girls. It acts as a conduit for information, advocacy, and engagement.

3. What personal data we collect

To fulfil our mission, we collect only the necessary information using lawful bases such as consent, legitimate interests, and compliance with legal obligations.

Membership: Information about your organization and basic personal details (full name, job title, email, and phone) when registering or engaging with Dignity4Girls.

Services: Personal data is collected when accessing various services, including downloadable resources, support queries, donations, events sign-up, and other related activities.

4. How we use your personal data

We utilize personal information to manage organizational engagements, provide requested services, and for the purpose of organizational communication. Marketing communications are optional and can be opted out of at any time.

5. Your Data Subject Rights

As a data subject, you possess specific rights, including updating, deleting, moving, withdrawing consent, and objecting to data processing. These rights are explained in detail, and you can contact us at to exercise them.

6. How long we retain your data

Data is retained for as long as necessary for the intended purpose, in compliance with legal obligations. We encourage regular updates to organizational details.

7. How we keep personal data safe

We implement technical and organizational safeguards to protect personal data, including security measures such as testing, backups, access controls, staff training, and policy adherence. While we strive for utmost security, no system is entirely foolproof.

8. Use of Third Parties

We utilize a limited number of third-party service operators for hosting, CRM, and website enhancement. Links to their Privacy and Cookie Notices are provided. Please exercise caution when navigating external sites, as Dignity4Girls is not responsible for the use of personal data or cookies on third-party websites.

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